Dansekurs Oslo Sentrum:

Dansekurs Oslo sentrum,

Oppfylle din dansedrøm!? Du er kun et steg unna! You are only one step away from making your dance dream come true! Energetic Salsa, Sensual Bachata, Playful 6 Count Swing, Dansers’ dance West Coast Swing, Dazzling Brasiliansk Samba, Zouk from Rio Brasiliansk Zouk, Healthy & Strong body: Stretch & Strength.

Social Dancing Oslo

We are Reyza and Karina. We are owners and directors of I Love Dancing! We are delighted to run Norway’s first and longest existing dance school for urban dances.

I Love Dancing is also the most complete Latin dance school in the Norwegian capital. We are also the longest existing Latin entertainment company in the country.

We love to dance. We enjoy teaching. We choreograph and perform. We enjoy organizing friendly and high quality dance classes and events. We do what we love! We love what we do! This is not only our full-time job, but also our passion and life!
Our school has also been called SalsaSite and Nite Dancers’ Club.

Dansekurs Oslo Sentrum

We take good care of you:

We have created the perfect atmosphere for our students. You have fun and socialize while you are learning. We are dedicated offering the best quality in all we offer:

  • Awesome pedagogy
  • Fun classes in all levels
  • Fast results
  • Kind instructors
  • Many popular dance styles: Energetic Salsa, Sensual Bachata, Amazing West Coast Swing, Dazzling Brazilian Samba, Zouk from Rio Brazilian Zouk,
  • Friendly community
  • Elegant and super central location
  • Great variety of amazing music
  • Good sound system
  • Great dance floor
  • Cozy colorful light system
  • Nice ecological bar & café
  • Exclusive dance shop
  • Effective combination of classes and parties. The parties are in the same evening and related the same dance forms. You can then practice right away what you learn. You take full advantage of the time and money you invest.
  • Our events are done with great respect for other teachers & events.
  • This is truly a place of art with a heart!

Social Dancing Oslo

Dansekurs Oslo Sentrum

Experienced and fun teachers:

Reyza, Karina and Arild are professional, dedicated, kind, humorous and highly experienced instructors. They travel often to dance events with worldwide champions. They take private classes and instructor training with them. They are always up to date with their dance. Click here to read more…

Our website is dedicated to enriching our daily life with social dancing:

Our website is much more than just a studio site. It is an all inclusive portal of social dance education and support!
Go ahead and navigate 🙂 We hope you enjoy the content. Please send us questions, comments and suggestions.

All are welcome, so bring along your friends, family, and loved ones 🙂
Warmest regards,
I love Dancing Team